Thursday, September 1, 2011


Track 1 - Flying High
Track 2 - Going Home
Track 3 - Walking In The Dark
Track 4 - Fighting For Life
Track 5 - Feeling Tense
Track 6 - Running Fast
Track 7 - Loving Tenderly
Track 8 - Fearing Much
Track 9 - Being Friendly
Track 10 - Having Fun

This record by Jay Richford & Gary Steven ( aka Stefano Torossi )  has a very deserved reputation for greatness. The music could be described as cinematic funk / porn groove with lush strings and deep bass complimenting the horns and breakbeats. Some people have likened "Feelings" to another classic library album, "Mindbender" by Stringtronics. It was originally put out on the Conroy label before being released in Italy ( featuring the above cover ), Brazil and later reissued through Easy Tempo. I really don't have much more to write about this one other than to strongly urge you to download it. Truly exceptional grooves!


spacedBoogie said...

Very nice, this oozes grooviness in large doses. Starts of great and grows from there.

bark said...

Oooh, lots of funky grooves. Thanks for the post!

makuma said...

Hi Craig, just making sure you know there's a new reissue out :)

JKMAN said...

Hi, thanks for this. The reissue is vinyl-only or else I would have bought it.