Sunday, August 28, 2011


Track 1 - Rumpus
Track 2 - Silver Air
Track 3 - Tussle
Track 4 - Sweet Tooth
Track 5 - Hot Ice
Track 6 - Legend
Track 7 - Hi-Jinks
Track 8 - Crater
Track 9 - Aprilia
Track 10 - Wolf
Track 11 - Best Friend
Track 12 - Full Tilt
Track 13 - Hearth And Home
Track 14 -  Round Robin

This release on the De Wolfe label goes a long way to explaining why Alan Parker is held in such high regard as a library music composer. Far more than mere background sound, these tracks are fully fledged compositions in their own right and maintain a high level of listenability even after all these years. The main genres featured on this record are funk, easy listening and jazz with some of the songs exhibiting qualities of all three. Some of the key tracks include "Rumpus", "Hot Ice", "Tussle" and "Wolf". These in particular display some excellent wah wah guitar, slick drum breaks and nice flute accents. There is a distinct Britishness present on the likes of "Aprilia" and "Hearth And Home" which would have been right at home on any decent soundtrack from around that period. It is certainly a must have for all the library fans out there ( I know who you are! ).

Please note - I think I replaced this link at some point and the new one is password protected. The pass should be - chromium05


OakParkStudio said...

Thanks for this.

Can anyone help me find the background music used here:

Huge in 70s and 80s in commercials and video news releases. Is it KPM? Where can I find this?

verge said...

Thank you sir, highly appreciated! Dl'ing and ready to peep immediately.

steve hurley said...

thx so much

Anonymous said...

A password is needed to extract anything from this zip.

Can someone tell me what it is? Thanks.

Mr. Craig said...

Sorry about that. I found this link on the net after my Mediafire files got pulled. Anyway, I believe the password is chromium05

Hope that works!