Thursday, August 11, 2011


Track 1 - That's What Friends Are For / Alan Parker & Madeline Bell
Track 2 - Unlimited Love / Alan Parker
Track 3 - Funky Express / Duncan Lamont
Track 4 - Assault Course / Johnny Pearson
Track 5 - Samba Street / Barry Morgan & Ray Cooper
Track 6 - Second Cut / James Clarke
Track 7 - Swamp Fever / John Cameron
Track 8 - Reggae Train / Dennis "Blackbeard" Bovell & William Farley
Track 9 - Incidental Backcloth 3 / Keith Mansfield
Track 10 - Cross Talk / Francis Coppieters
Track 11 - In Advance / Pierre Lavin Pop Band
Track 12 - Senior Thump / Alan Hawkshaw
Track 13 - Expo In Tokyo / Alan Moorhouse
Track 14 - Interlude : Witchdoctor / Nascimbene
Track 15 - Jungle Baby / Juan Erlando & His Latin Band
Track 16 - Morning 1, Morning 2 / Klaus Weiss
Track 17 - Freeway To Rio / Les Baxter
Track 18 - Brazil Express / Juan Erlando & His Latin Band
Track 19 - Piano In Transit / Francis Coppieters
Track 20 - Crash Course / Keith Mansfield

This compilation dives into the deep ocean of grooves left behind from the KPM heyday in the 1970's and presents a comprehensive batch of dance friendly tracks. The mood is very much jazz and latin orientated with some fine examples coming from the great Francis Coppieters, Les Baxter and Juan Erlando. Throw in classic library tracks such as "Senior Thump", "Crash Course", "Swamp Fever" and the always welcome "Second Cut" and you have a collection that does the KPM legacy justice. This album is an excellent companion piece to "Setting The Scene: From The Vaults Of KPM" which you can download here. I will post further volumes from the Music For Dancefloors series in the next few days.


stefmcd said...

THanks so much for this (and the 100s of other downloads I've availed myself of!) Superb blog - you've improved my coming months and years music listening 10 fold. Keep up the great work! :-)

Holly said...

Cool beans! :-)

Anonymous said...

You have made my feet tap, head move and my soul happy for this and many others you have posted on you blog. Peace and love!

OakParkStudio said...

Thanks for this.

Can anyone help me find the background music used here:

Huge in 70s and 80s in commercials and video news releases. Is it KPM? Where can I find this?

Anonymous said...

Thank you!