Thursday, August 11, 2011


Track 1 - Abstractions / Projection
Track 2 - Lady Love / Ferrante & Teicher
Track 3 - The Windmills Of Your Mind / Dorothy Ashby
Track 4 - Forty Days / Bill Brooks
Track 5 - Get The Bearings / Donovan
Track 6 - Hogin's Machine / Les Baxter
Track 7 - Kismet / Amon Duul II
Track 8 - The Warnings / David Axelrod
Track 9 - On The Hill / Oliver Sain
Track 10 - Bamboo Child / Ryo Kawasaki
Track 11 - Holding You, Loving You / Don Blackman
Track 12 - Hey Jude / The Overton Berry Trio
Track 13 - Survival / Annette Peacock
Track 14 - Humpty Dumpty / Placebo
Track 15 - The Journey / Small Faces
Track 16 - Dee Dee Drums / Dee Dee Warwick

Here we are (finally) at number one of my Dusty Fingers countdown. Volume 1 contains a typically eclectic mix of funk, soul, jazz, rare groove and juicy drum breaks. No particular track rises above the rest, it's all very solid with interesting inclusions by David Axelrod, Les Baxter and Ryo Kawasaki. Once again there is a variety of different track listings on the internet so I've just left it as they appear on the rip I have. It's been a fun journey and I might post some of the more recent volumes later this year. Let the good grooves roll!

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tomcrashkick said...

I love it, I purposely set my player on shuffle when sampling one of your lessons and was delighted to hear The Warnings / David Axelrod, Binary Star used this or a cut off the same original album in one of my absolute fave hip-hop songs, Evolution of Man. So awesome...