Thursday, August 4, 2011


Track 1 - Laying The Trap / Charles Bernstein
Track 2 - Go On And Cry / Les McCann
Track 3 - Snow Creatures / Quincy Jones
Track 4 - Children Of The Night / Hysear Don Walker
Track 5 - Bettina / Bola Sete
Track 6 - Electric Surfboard / Jack McDuff
Track 7 - Smokey Joe The Dreamer / Bullet
Track 8 - Soul Sider / Art Farmer 
Track 9 - Ripped Open By Metal Explosions /  Galt MacDermot
Track 10 - Holy Thursday / David Axelrod
Track 11 - Shore Line Drive / Sammy Nestico Big Band
Track 12 - You're Not Good / Harvey Averne
Track 13 - Puzzle / Passport
Track 14 - Faded Lady / S.S.O

Who knows what the real track listing is for this one. I went to five different websites and found five different track listings so I'll just stick with the way it is on the rip I have. Volume 2 is heavy on the soul and cinematic moods with Qunicy Jones and David Axelrod both featuring in all their glory. It's hard to pick out particular highlights from what is probably the strongest volume of the series in thematical terms. It is a very smooth listen, one that would suit an evening at home with some fine wine and a beautiful woman. Dim the lights and let the grooves wash over you!

4 comments: said...

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tomcrashkick said...

Who are your top 3 Library Gods? Do you d.j. and if so what is your favorite beat-making software? Thanks for providing thee grooves to wash over me!

Mr. Craig said...

Wow, top 3...

I don't think I could go past Alan Hawkshaw, Alan Parker and Brian Bennett but there are dozens of composers that deserve honourable mentions.

I don't DJ myself although I've daydreamed about it a fair bit. I'm a big fan of guys like DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, Mix Master Mike and a lot of lesser known beatmakers. A really good resource for that style of music is Rappamelo (see my links list.)

tomcrashkick said...

I like your choices and agree... so many killers to choose from. Rappamello is a great blog. Thank you very much for another detour down the blog wormhole.