Thursday, May 24, 2012


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Track 1 - Joyful Exaltation
Track 2 - Safari Strut
Track 3 - Reverse
Track 4 - Taisho
Track 5 - Sad Nile
Track 6 - The Gift
Track 7 - Ntu
Track 8 - Pamukkale
Track 9 - Alin
Track 10 - Breakin' Through
Track 11 - Sem Yelesh
Track 12 - Lullaby For Lagos
Track 13 - Chich

I first came into contact with The Whitefield Brothers through a YouTube video for the song "Safari Strut". Clearly this is some kind of lost mystical afro/breakbeat album from the mid 70's I thought to myself. To my amazement however I discovered the record was released just a few short years ago. Once I had listened to the whole set the modern aspects on tracks such as "Reverse" and "The Gift" became apparent but the most striking part of the music is the dedication to authenticity, particularly when it comes to the truly stunning percussion work.

When performers try to mix a number of different genres together the results can sometimes be disconnected and wishy washy but there are no such problems here. The blend of funk, jazz, afro, exotica and Clutchy Hopkins style drumming is sublime and evokes images of taking a roadtrip through the heart of Africa. It's a glorious celebration of sound that I can't recommend highly enough.

The Whitefield Brothers ( aka The Poets Of Rhythm ) have released one other album that I know of, 2002's "In The Raw" which is also outstanding. Thanks to the original uploader. Enjoy!


litlgrey said...

Sounds tasty.

Kenny said...

Great blog, found through looking for Ultra Lounge compilations and stayed for the great uploads. Keep it u!

Heather Ferreira said...

Mr. Craig, thank you for the very tasty library materials you've provided us here. I need your assistance identifying a 1978 electronic library track. Been searching for an ID on the following for years:

The first song has been identified. Any idea what the second (and last) track is in this Sesame Street segment? You'll be saving me a lot of sleep if you can help me with this one! Thanks, and Desperate,


Fr@nKeIn$OuNd said...

Great sound from Africa
thank you