Wednesday, May 2, 2012


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Track 1 - Tokyo Traffic
Track 2 - Sliproad
Track 3 - Seven Leagues
Track 4 - Violet Hour
Track 5 - Etude
Track 6 - Organic Tech
Track 7 - Timelock
Track 8 - Power Game
Track 9 - Endgame
Track 10 - Spiral Motion
Track 11 - Excelsior
Track 12 - Marathon Man
Track 13 - Under Observation
Track 14 - Headstart

I've been looking for a copy of this record for a while and stumbled across it today in a secluded corner of the internet. Francis Monkman is at the helm of this 1984 Bruton and what you get is a load of synthy goodness, some of the tracks have a distinct retro computer game vibe while others are more pared back and ambient. It's a typical Monkman affair with unusual elements and tempo changes at play. "Forcefield" might come off second best when compared to other classic BRI's such as "Tempus Fugit" and "Fantasia" but there is still plenty of joy to be found within its short 34 minute playtime. 



Repo said...

Thanks for this one, Mr Craig.
I only recently came to the attention of Francis Monkman about 5 years ago when I started to re-visit some old Brit flicks.
The Long Good Friday theme is a tune of sublime beauty. As is his theme for Johnny Ball's great 80's kids programme 'Think Again'.
I used to see his credentials on various Sweeney library tracks, too so I'm really looking forward to this album.

Thank you again.


Very good, I wonder if Mr. Craig does not have to post the Bruton BRI 21 Tomorrows Fashions (Geoff Bastow), because I'm looking for him and has no link to dowloand.
Esprero Response
Thank you

Mr. Craig said...

Sorry, I don't have that one R Pictures Company. If you ask retronic over at Retro-Teque nicely he might post it up sometime, if he has it that is.

Gestão em Turismo - Jaguarão said...

Mr. Craig

No problem, thanks.

Américo said...

Thanks, Mr. Craig!
Just another great Bruton!

You're the MAN!

Maïorov Simpleton said...

Thanks ;-)