Saturday, May 19, 2012


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Track 1 - What Is The Time?
Track 2 - Merry Christmas, Happy New Year
Track 3 - A Right Smart Holiday
Track 4 - Extra Special Jolly Day
Track 5 - Have A Happy New One
Track 6 - Merry Christmas
Track 7 - It's Christmas
Track 8 - The Nicest Things Are Happening
Track 9 - Special Announcement
Track 10 - Have A Wonderful Day
Track 11 - Christmas One Liner 1
Track 12 - Christmas One Liner 2
Track 13 - Christmas One Liner 3
Track 14 - Christmas One Liner 4
Track 15 - Christmas One Liner 5
Track 16 - Christmas One Liner 6
Track 17 - Christmas One Liner 7
Track 18 - Christmas One Liner 8
Track 19 - Christmas One Liner 9

It's Christmas in May! Regulars at Funky Frolic may recall my love of "Mars Production Library CK 713-714", a collection of kitsch generic jingles for use on radio. Last night to my joy I discovered another Mars release, this one is geared towards the holiday season with lots of little stings encouraging people to have a wonderful Christmas. It's a blink and you'll miss it affair with the whole album clocking in at a whopping three and a half minutes! I found this over at The Jingle Jetsam which has a very nicely collection of retro advertising for you pleasure so be sure to check it out sometime. Enjoy!


litlgrey said...

Mars sure is confusing... no composer credits anywhere!

12vjoe said...

Love your site! Thanks for all the great stuff. Also - thanks so much for leading the way to Jingle Jetsam!