Wednesday, May 9, 2012


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Track 1 - Teenage Tramp
Track 2 - Soilent Green
Track 3 - Live Fast, Die Young
Track 4 - Thrill Killers
Track 5 - Dr.Jekyl, Sister Hyde
Track 6 - 1000 Convicts And A Woman
Track 7 - Deathrace 2000
Track 8 - Horror Of The Zombies
Track 9 - Honky
Track 10 - Hot Bed
Track 11 - Last House On The Left
Track 12 - Invasion Of The Bee Girls
Track 13 - Mark Of The Devil
Track 14 - Nurses For Sale
Track 15 - Dr.Phibes
Track 16 - Balled
Track 17 - Bloody Pit Of Horror
Track 18 - Alligator Man
Track 19 - Astrozombies
Track 20 - Aunt Jemima
Track 21 - The Naughty Stewardesses
Track 22 - Hillbilly Hooker
Track 23 - Bad Girls
Track 24 - You Only Live Twice
Track 25 - Zardoz
Track 26 - The House Of Seven Corpses
Track 27 - Sexy Sisters
Track 28 - Call Her One Eye
Track 29 - Feeling Creature

After yesterday's journey into the world of pirate radio I decided to delve a little deeper into the www looking for some more retro radio spots and promos. I dug up quite a haul of interesting material and the first comp I've put together is this collection of 1970's exploitation film trailers. Those of you who are familiar with "Super Bad, Super Black" and "Sex, Sleaze & Soul" will know what to expect - lots of violent imagery and sexually suggestive wordplay mixed in with a great deal of cheesiness. It's a little shocking, a little bit funky and very fun. I don't know how "You Only Live Twice" slipped in there but it's suitable trashy anyway. Library fans will notice that the music used in the "Teenage Tramp" spot is "Powerboat" by Alan Hawkshaw. As always, I hope you dig.


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Carol said...

Right on!

Anonymous said...

I can't dowanload with this 'ilivid" !

Mr. Craig said...

Anon - when you are at the Mirrorcreator page you need to be patient and wait for it to load completely. Then scroll down to the download links.

Anonymous said...

Marvelous stuff! If you come across those Psychedelic Promos and Radio ad compilations, be sure to have a listen, theyd be right down your alley

Anonymous said...

YOU ROCK. - Tate Hemlock