Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hi folks, it seems Blogger is going through one of its famous temperamental phases. I haven't received any comments in quite a while and yesterday my pageviews dropped to almost zero for a couple of hours. Hopefully they get their act together soon and things return to normal. Apologies if you've left a comment and it hasn't made it through to me.
Here's a list of the some of re-ups I've done since my last update -


CBlack said...

It happens to me fairly frequently that I make an effort to leave a comment and blogger won't let me publish it--the button for "publish" just disappears, and hitting the return doesn't do anything. I've assumed it's a problem with Macs and Safari, but now I'm not so sure. Anyway, thanks for all your shares.

gilhodges said...

It would only seem fair that you be as flooded with adoring comments as we are flooded with your amazing offerings. Keep up the amazing work, Chris.

Scott Myers said...

This blog is absolutely my favorite blog in the world. What you are doing here is truly a great thing. Thanks.

Mr. Craig said...

Cheers guys, thanks for the kind words : )

Anonymous said...

Mr Craig,

Many many thanks for your painstaking and comprehensive work in digging out the stuff we cannot buy anywhere. A fact the copyright lobby seems to forget.

Just brilliant sir, well done.