Thursday, August 9, 2012


Listen/Download here

Track 1 - Wild Waters (Keith Mansfield)
Track 2 - Brass, Beats And Bongos (Syd Dale)
Track 3 - Skydive (Keith Mansfield)
Track 4 - Crazy, Crazy (Keith Mansfield)
Track 5 - Daft As A Brush (George French)
Track 6 - Ballroom Beat Bonanza (David Lindup)
Track 7 - The Rat Race (Hawkshaw/Mansfield)
Track 8 - Effortless Elegance (Keith Mansfield)
Track 9 - ASBO (Keith Mansfield)
Track 10 - Shopping On Acid (Laurie Johnson)
Track 11 - Bossa Del Flamingo (Syd Dale)
Track 12 - Fly Funk (Parker/Bell)
Track 13 - The Hawk Shuffle (Alan Hawkshaw)
Track 14 - Boogie Man Beats (Kenny Graham)
Track 15 - Broken Blues (Keith Nichols)
Track 16 - It's Rhythm...And All That Swing! (Alan Moorhouse)
Track 17 - Jitter Boogie (Goodwin/Walter)
Track 18 - Jazz Hands, White Gloves (Dick Walter)
Track 19 - Trad Rags (Keith Nichols)
Track 20 - The Tap Tastic Toe Twizzler (Sam Fonteyn)

Here is another example of a modern day group attempting to breathe new life into 60's and 70's library music while adding their own particular sound. I know a lot of the purists will turn their noses up at such a concept but I think anything that broadens the public's knowledge of these wonderful but often overlooked composers can't be such a bad thing. For those unfamiliar with Skeewiff's work they fall somewhere between spy jazz and Fat Boy Slim with heavy beats combined with funky elements ( in this instance care of the KPM library ).

These kind of projects are always going to be hit and miss but for the most part they've done a pretty good job and I found myself enjoying it more than anticipated. You can click on the link above to listen to the tracks and download them individually ( click on the downward pointing arrows on the righthand side of the page ) or alternatively you can download the first ten tracks here. As always, enjoy!


kidloco said...

I referenced your blog in an aggregator that I opened few months ago. Tell me if you agree to be there and if you can add a link of my blog on your bloglist.
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Mr. Craig said...

Hi kidloco, sorry about the delay in responding to your message. I'm more than happy to be in your aggregator and I'll add a link to your blog as soon as I get a chance.

Regards, Mr.Craig.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic stuff thanks!