Friday, August 24, 2012



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Track 1 - Rivoluzionari
Track 2 - Nel Villaggio
Track 3 - Nuove Realta
Track 4 - Antiche Tradizioni
Track 5 - Nuovi Fermenti
Track 6 - Sole Percussioni
Track 7 - Piffero Africano
Track 8 - Continente Nero
Track 9 - Riscossa
Track 10 - Ultimo Stregone
Track 11 - Continente Nero
Track 12 - Preparativi
Track 13 - Oasi
Track 14 - Tribalismo
Track 15 - Giorno Di Mercato
Track 16 - Flauto Africano
Piero Umiliani combines tribal music and esoteric jazz on this enjoyable 1975 release from the Omicron label. There's plenty of drama and mystery present with percussion playing a starring role on many of the compositions. It's a solid album with "Tribalismo" and "Nel Villaggio" probably standing out as my favourite tracks. Certainly a must have for those who want to hear another side to the late, great Piero. Thanks to the original uploader and eesywind for the vid. For more Umiliani click here, here, and here!


EdEddEddie said...

Great choice to share! I love sharing too...mostly jazz and soul

Ray Krebbs said...

Hello Mr Funky Frolic

I used to be gafieira and you post a link for my soundcloud for library mixes. I ve made some new ones. Perhaps you will like it. Here's the link for my new soundcloud (ray krebbs):

Thanx again!

Fr@nKeIn$OuNd said...

always famous here......
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