Wednesday, July 18, 2012


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Track 1 - Megattera / Sandro Brugnolini
Track 2 - Omnifarius / Roberto Conrado
Track 3 - Save Up / Piero Montanari
Track 4 - Spleen / Luigi Lopez
Track 5 - Magia / Oronzo De Filippi
Track 6 - Acromatic / Roberto Conrado
Track 7 - Ready Money / Roberto Conrado & Piero Montanari
Track 8 - Lustful / Amedeo Minghi
Track 9 - Pledge / Roberto Conrado
Track 10 - Marsuino / Sandro Brugnolini
Track 11 - Trip / Emma De Angelis
Track 12 - Orca / Sandro Brugnolini
Track 13 - Ticklish / Roberto Conrado
Track 14 - Castello Stregato / Oronzo De Filippi
Track 15 - Lamantino / Sandro Brugnolini
Track 16 - La Via Della Droga / Amedeo Tommasi
Track 17 - Likewise / Roberto Conrado & Piero Montanari
Track 18 - Stenella Dubia / Sandro Brugnolini
Track 19 - Chase / Pasquale Castiglione & Casa Paolo
Track 20 - Balenottera / Sandro Brugnolini
Track 21 - Asincronia / Alessandro Alessandroni
Track 22 - Globicefalo / Sandro Brugnolini
Track 23 - Suspence Magico No.1 / Amedeo Tommasi
Track 24 - Tradimento / Gerardo Iacoucci
Track 25 - Overcraft / Alessandro Alessandroni & Sorgini Giuliano
Track 26 - Lo Strangolatore Di Boston / Franco Bracardi & Giorgio Bracardi

With the amount of music I've bought/downloaded over the past few years it's been easy for some albums to get overlooked in my collection. "Flipper Psychout" is one such example but thankfully this post has given me a reason to fully immerse myself in the pleasures contain within this wonderful compilation.

What we have here are 26 tracks from insanely rare Italian library music labels such as Canopo, Deneb, Flirt and Octopus. The sound is completely removed from what most of us would associate with library music ( i.e KPM, DeWolfe, Telemusic etc.). The majority of tracks have elements of rock or jazz and as the title of the comp suggests there is also some excellent psychedelic moments to be found. From a production music standpoint it's hard to figure out how some of this music might have been used, due to the cinematic qualities at play it was probably more likely to find its way on to film scores rather than advertising or television.

"Scoctopus: The In Sound From Octopus Records" was my first ever library music purchase 15 odd years ago so it's no surprise that I love this compilation aswell given the similarities ( there's even a little bit of crossover between the two ). It's 70+ minutes of pure joy and an absolute must have for any library fan. Enjoy!


Carol said...

Thank you!

Mr. Banstead said...

Thanks!A nice companion set to the Scoctopus album.Chockful of goodies.

Anonymous said...

How did I ever get along without your blog?! Thank you very much!

- s.

Anonymous said...

Funky Frolic - Yay!

Mr. Craig said...

Thanks for your kind words everyone!

Anonymous said...

thanks! I greatly enjoy the music you post here! great work