Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Track 1 - Black Rite
Track 2 - Jungle Juice
Track 3 - War Dance
Track 4 - Sacrifice
Track 5 - Kiss Of Death
Track 6 - Uomo
Track 7 - The Man From Takoradi
Track 8 - Chant Of The Virgins
Track 9 - Manhunter
Track 10 - Tiger In The Night
Track 11 - Sacrifice To The Sun
Track 12 - Jungle Wedding

"Tiger In The Night" is a masterful compilation that encompasses the finest works released by the great Mandingo. Far from being a product of deepest darkest Africa, Mandingo was actually Geoff Love and his Orchestra in disguise and this music definitely shows off Geoff at his absolute funkiest! Well known composers Mike Vickers, Roger Webb and Brian Fahey wrote many of the tracks on this collection and unsurprisingly there is a distinctive library music vibe. The music features lots of percussion, obviously, but also hefty slabs of wah wah, horns and flute that create a rich and powerful sound entirely unique to Mandingo. An absolute must listen recording! Awesome cover art as well, I'm sure you'll agree.

You can also find Mandingo's "Primeval Rhythm Of Life" here.


the saucer people said...

Geoff Love can really kick funk-ass when he needs to! The other Mandingo album was excellent but I had no idea there were more albums, I think I just assumed it was one of GL's many "one off" projects, so really happy to discover otherwise.

Just had a quick spin through the deadly as the first album, great share Monsieur Craig!

Mr. Craig said...

I'm glad someone finally commented on this one! I think it's awesome too, obviously.