Saturday, July 23, 2011


Track 1 - Hello Streakers!
Track 2 - Special Streaking
Track 3 - Dangerous For Your Health
Track 4 - No Tax For Streakers
Track 5 - Nudes And Marines
Track 6 - To Streak With The Devil
Track 7 - Between Two Streakers
Track 8 - Hey Doc! Help
Track 9 - Streaking Land
Track 10 - Topless On The Trail
Track 11 - Streak To Streak

I was alerted to this wonderful record by Funky Frolic regular Funkyfil44 and it's a real tour de force of cheeky (pun intended) European blaxploitation style grooves straight outta 1974. There is a real feel good vibe from start to finish with nice driving tempos, quality instrumentation and composing. Seeing as anything I post with nudity on the cover gets heaps of pageviews hopefully a lot of you will take the time to download this and enjoy it as much as I have.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Nudity.. one of life's nicer enjoyments.

Funkyfil44 said...

yeah CRAIG ! always avaible on reissue vynil on VADIM MUSIC ...
Do you have also JANKO NICOLOVIC "Funky tramway" (vogue 1975) and KARL HEINZ SCHAFER "les gants blancs du diable" (original french movie soundtrack)sure you will like it ...
when FRANCE was funky in the 70's...

Vinyl Whores said...

perfection, I have needed a soundtrack for my public nudity for years, especially if it has a blxplotaion feel. great post!

Holly said...

Very fun (er, the music, that is...)! ;-)